Why Did Paige Leave Virgin River? Exploring Her Journey in the Series

The ensemble cast of Sue Tenney’s Netflix romance drama “Virgin River” is made up of lovable individuals with captivating and rich inner lives. Melinda “Mel” Monro, the principal protagonist and a medical professional from Los Angeles who relocates to the small hamlet of Virgin River in quest of a fresh start, is the subject of the show’s initial narrative focus. But when we learn more about the lives of other people in the neighbourhood, their tales begin to matter more in the story.

One such captivating plot is provided by Paige Lassiter, a single mother and owner of a bakery truck who is one of the season one recurrent characters. Despite Paige gradually leaving the programme, Precher’s character is impacted by her all throughout. Paige and her son Christopher’s story does, in some ways, come to an end in season 5, although the former still chooses to leave the community. Let’s investigate why. Spoilers follow!

Why Did Paige Leave?

Preacher saves Paige from her brother-in-law Vince’s grasp after the events of season four and makes sure that he is sent behind bars for his crimes. Mike, a friend of Preacher and an LAPD officer, makes an attempted murder arrest of Vince due to his prior history with Jack, the town’s beloved pub owner, in which he attempted to kill the guy. Paige can finally move on from her past now that Vince is incarcerated.

Paige, formerly known as Michelle Logan, was married to Wes, a dishonest police officer, for many years. The man used to abuse Paige physically, but when the opportunity arose, he turned the tables on her and accused her of being the abusive one. As a result, Paige was wanted by the FBI and was forced to flee with her kid in order to be safe in Virgin River’s gated enclave. They did this by taking false identities.

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Nevertheless, Wes visits the town in season 2. Paige pushes Wes downstairs during a fight between the two, unintentionally causing his death. Paige’s main love interest Preacher assists her in disposing of the body, and after that, she and her kid must once again flee. Given that Wes and Vince are no longer a part of Paige and Christopher’s lives, season 5 guarantees a safer future for them, but the traumatising events still affect the mother-son team.

Paige used to consider Virgin River to be a place of safety, where she felt secure and at home. She can no longer carry on with her prior life because it simply acts as a reminder of the challenging times after everything that has occurred. She must therefore start again and locate a new location where she and Christopher can feel secure. In the end, Paige must leave Virgin River for the good of both her and Christopher despite her strong love for Preacher, which are amply returned.

Does Paige Come Back?

After appearing in the first episode, Paige does not come back to the Virgin River settlement. Paige and Christopher’s likely return to the community appears doubtful given Preacher’s tearful and emotional farewell to them. Paige cannot obtain a home in Virgin River until she has fully recovered from her prior trauma, which can take a very long time. Therefore, we can conclude that her character is unlikely to make a comeback.

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The conclusion of season 5 does, however, also include a twist that raises the possibility of continuing Paige’s ostensibly finished plot. In episode 10’s “Labour Day,” Kaia, Preacher’s new fireman girlfriend, informs him that local law enforcement has discovered a body buried in the nearby woods. The obvious inference is that Wes, Paige’s ex-husband, is the rightful owner of the body.

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This information may therefore make Paige’s journey more difficult for her. Wes’s body is bound to lend some credibility to Vince’s yet unsupported assertions that Paige and Preacher killed his brother given his insistence that they did it. As a result, it’s probable that Paige may go back to Virgin River to handle the fallout from this latest incident.

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