Wild Catch & Ranch MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.5.3

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Wild Catch & Ranch MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.5.3


Name Wild Catch & Ranch APK
Publisher Aimed Inc.
Version 1.5.3
Size 650M
Category Casual
MOD Features Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier
Support Android 6.0+
Get it on Google Play

Introduce MOD APK Wild Catch & Ranch

Wild Catch & Ranch MOD APK is where you find the most ferocious livestock. But Spain’s cows are notoriously difficult to tame. But these cows will no longer be able to roam like before. There will be experts who can tame them. You are one of the factors that will make this happen. Please don’t give them the chance to destroy everything anymore. Now, you will control all their actions on a farm. Acquire and expand the size of your farm. This will not be an easy job and requires high intelligence. Additionally, skills are also something we all need to practice.

Cows are always a nightmare for the Spanish people. Especially with the bull breed, they will have to domesticate them accordingly. You will now see this taming job in Wild Catch & Ranch. Where we will catch wild cows and make them submit to your intelligence and skills. It’s a puzzle game with lots of fascinating details. It can bring us beautiful moments of entertainment. It helps you find the potential we all need. Slowly practice your ability to develop your knowledge. Come to even more significant victories that you have never enjoyed before.

Wild Catch Ranch mod free

Download Wild Catch & Ranch mod apk – Capture wild cows

Wild mounts are hiding all over the world. They are fierce and will not let anyone get close to them. However, hunters will tame them. You will approach and compete with these monsters through match-three games. We will have to stack the gems containing our power and destroy them. Increases the energy of the skills you will use. We will drain the target’s vitality. After they are exhausted, you will win and own that mount. Then, you will have precious rewards. It helps us grow more assertive with our characters.

Build a town

Your town is where all the people live. As a mayor, you must also manage your town in Wild Catch & Ranch mod apk. Therefore, developing the city will always be in your hands. Sources of income from captured livestock will help you do this. We will upgrade the houses of the surrounding people. You are improving works to serve the production. Build structures that symbolize your strength. Improve a dilapidated town into a place worth living. Help everyone have a better life and yourself, too.

Wild Catch Ranch mod

Upgrade your character

Our character must have enough ability to face the monster he needs to tame. Levels and equipment will help you do this. To improve your story, you can participate in quests and challenges. That is what will help our character accumulate experience milestones. Next is the equipment that you can wear on the surface. This equipment will provide the necessary stats for the character to develop strength from attack and defence to the character’s speed and stamina. These are essential indicators that determine whether you can win with your mount.

Wild Catch Ranch mod apk

Tame mounts

As mentioned above, after winning, you can own that mount. Then, you can equip these mounts to become your assistants. They will make it easier for you to tame other horses. Enormously increase beneficial indicators for yourself. It helps the character have additional special skills that mountains provide. You can equip up to five horses at a time. They will help you optimize the best strength indicators. It helps us quickly achieve better achievements. Don’t forget to upgrade and evolve these mounts. They will help you a lot in finding new victories.

Wild Catch Ranch mod android

Your job is like a strong cowboy. We will use free-mount resources to expand the scale of the farm. You don’t need to lose too much capital to succeed. Even the character himself can become stronger over time. It helps you easily optimize what you get to conquer new challenges. Turn all wild animals into your bodyguards with Wild Catch & Ranch mod apk.

How to Download & Install Wild Catch & Ranch MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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