Wild Merge MOD APK (Unlimited money/Energy) 1.5.3

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Wild Merge MOD APK (Unlimited money/Energy) 1.5.3


Name Wild Merge APK
Publisher Yoga Games LLC
Version 1.5.3
Size 138M
Category Puzzle
MOD Features Unlimited money/Energy
Support Android 8.0+
Get it on Google Play

Introduce MOD APK Wild Merge

Wild Merge MOD APK is where you can become a tycoon and make money from managing a zoo. You will be tasked with combining different items with building a zoo successfully. It’s where you keep your adorable animals and begin caring for and nurturing them. So it would be best to have strong fences to ensure they cannot leave the zoo. Walls will also be what you use to create animal enclosures and prevent them from conflicting. And when you complete the zoo, start welcoming visitors and check money from tickets. Get ready to raise animals and make money from your zoo.

Your goal when entering the animal world is to create a place that can nurture them. It’s called the zoo, and you can start the mission of feeding and caring for the animals. And when your zoo is in operation, you can meet many lovely animals. They will be in different barns, and visitors can come and visit. But they need to pay for tickets to enter the zoo, and that will be the source of revenue you need to expand the zoo. So you will have the opportunity to collect as many animals and interact with them in activities. Start your business at the zoo you build after overcoming challenges.

Wild Merge mod

Download Wild Merge MOD APK – Build and develop a business at the zoo

You will be the owner of a zoo where you can find a lot of cute animals. And here, you have the responsibility to feed and care for them so they can have a peaceful life. But this is far from the natural environment, and you must build structures. These will be areas where animals can have fun and forget their boredom. Besides, visitors also want entertainment venues when entering the zoo. So you can build a cafe that sells food and drinks to serve their needs. Collect different animals and create a zoo with a diverse ecosystem.

Wild Merge apk

Collect and combine items

The animals in the world you enter all look cute. So you can enjoy the wildness of animals when you take them to the zoo. In this world, there are even animals that you wouldn’t expect, such as dragons. In addition, you will see many familiar animals such as cats, dogs, or wild animals. However, to make animals look better, you must perform tasks to upgrade them. By combining items, you will get rewards that help you level up your animals. Collect animals for your zoo by combining objects in the Wild Merge MOD APK.

Wild Merge mod apk

Take care of animals in the zoo

You will rescue different animals from danger and bring them into your zoo. This place is built after you pass puzzles that combine objects. Every time you pass a level, you will receive items such as fences or food. And that is what you need most when taking care of your animals. Besides, it would be best if you improved the living environment so they can have a whole and exciting life. So, your level of success will be judged depending on the animal’s happiness level. Perform animal care activities at the zoo and help them have a happy life.

Wild Merge free

Become a zoo tycoon

Your hobby of raising and caring for animals has brought you into a whole new world to explore. And here you will build areas where different animals can live. Then you have successfully helped them have a happy life like in the wild. So, you can immediately start your zoo business by opening its doors to visitors. Each time visitors enter, they will pay to see and interact with the animals. And the more animals there are, the more money you will earn from tourists. Become a talented zoo business tycoon and continue your animal care journey.

Wild Merge android

You will meet strange animals as you enter this world to build a zoo. So you can watch them living in the areas you make for them. But to create a complete zoo, you need to pass levels of item combinations. It’s also what helps you get items to make your zoo. And when you have enough materials, you will evolve animals so that they have an appearance that attracts tourists. This will be the activity that helps you get your primary source of income and become rich. Download Wild Merge MOD APK to conquer the zoo business mission while overcoming combination puzzles.

How to Download & Install Wild Merge MOD APK (Unlimited money/Energy) for Android


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